book-based test «Spiral Dynamics:
Mastering Values, Leadership, and
Change» (ISBN-13: 978-1405133562)

The qualities of a successful person

People who need a job look for vacancies on different websites (examples are in note 1), different conditions (examples are in note 2), different positions (examples are in note 3), and companies (examples are in note 4), and write a job application.

Finding a job is work too, and not an easy job; it can take up to 12 months to find one. After taking the time and effort to find a job, a person wants to become a successful employee to be satisfied and financially rewarded. What qualities of people influence their careers and help them become successful?

According to the Spiral Dynamics theory, a person goes through different stages in their development (spiral turns, colors). External conditions of life change, as do the requirements for success and, consequently, for finding a job. Is there a connection between the qualities that help to become a successful employee at work and the stages of human development (spiral, color)? How casual or stable is this connection? Mathematics answers these questions in psychology, used by Dr. Clare W. Graves, who developed Spiral Dynamics.

As Ben Yoskovitz, co-author of Lean Analytics, wrote: “Finding a correlation between two metrics is a good thing. Correlations can help you predict what will happen. But finding the cause of something means you can change it. Usually, causations aren’t simple one-to-one relationships–there are lots of factors at play, but even a degree of causality is valuable. You prove causality by finding a correlation, then running experiments where you control the other variables and measure the difference. It’s hard to do, but causality is really an analytics superpower–it gives you the power to hack the future.”

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What makes people successful at work?